D&E Project- Next DC

Last month we were presented with a challenge like no other, to provide safe access to the cooling towers at Next DC. This project presented many OH&S issues due to the location of the structure and the height at which the technicians needed to work. Our company’s creativity was put to the test after being presented with Next DC’s problem and we proudly found a solution and rose to the challenge.

There are 11 towers, each one needing two-stage access platforms to be constructed separately and be independently removable in the event that they need to be craned out to access a single cooling tower. Each one was 5 meters high and 4 meters wide, spanning a total length of 44 meters, fully custom designed by our technical consultant and made onsite in our factory. The platforms were transported to site two at a time on a wide load truck and craned into position, the project taking four weeks in total to complete. They also featured custom made caged ladders at the two access points to the platforms.

Check out these incredible photos!

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