Cooling Tower Platform

Cooling Tower Platforms and Access

Safety Plus Australia can design, manufacture and install cooling tower platforms to provide safe and easy access to an existing cooling tower. Commercial HVAC cooling towers require regular maintenance and easy and safe access for workers. Maintenance crews must be able to access and carry out work on the systems without constraint or limitation while also remaining safe while working at heights. We can custom design, manufacture and install cooling tower platforms that are safe, durable and adhere to all relevant standards, guidelines and legislation. All platforms are manufactured from lightweight and structural aluminium that provides design and installation flexibility to suit our clients’ precise specifications. Included in the design are all necessary roof handrails, ladder support brackets and industrial stairs to ensure the user has easy access and a safe working environment. We can customise your platforms to include a wide range of features including lockable gates, anchor points, slat screen fencing, fold-down ladders or anything else your system may require.

Custom Design and Installation

No cooling tower application is the same. That’s why we design all our access platform systems, height safety equipment, roof access hatch to suit the individual needs of our clients. All systems are custom built and manufactured to meet the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 1657:2013 and various statutory codes of practice and our installations comply with WorkSafe compliance codes and relevant OH&S requirements. We can also provide inspection and certification services to ensure your platforms and access systems are fully compliant and certified for safe use. To find out more about what Safety Plus Australia can do for you or to discuss your slat screen fencing requirements, contact us today. Give us a call on 1300 713 566 or contact us online now.

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