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At Safety Plus Australia, we pride ourselves on designing, supplying and installing safe and durable height safety systems. We also supply a range of additional ground and roof safety systems and products to ensure that you can safely work from heights without constraint while adhering to all relevant safety guidelines and regulations.

Ladder Support Brackets

Our ladder support brackets are designed to provide a secure attachment point for portable and roof access ladders. They prevent sideways movement and stop the ladder feet from slipping. They are lightweight and portable, durable and quick and easy to attach with simple standard fixings.

Trolley Bays

We can custom design, manufacture and install steel trolley bays for any car park application. We can create heavy duty trolley bays to your specifications in a range of configurations. We use only the toughest materials to ensure a durable and weatherproof finish that will stand the test of time.

Louvre & Screen Systems

We provide secure and stylish louvre and screen systems, designed, manufactured and installed to suit any application. Ideal for ground level or roof installation, our louvre and slat screen fencing can be used for balcony or garden privacy screens, air conditioner or rubbish bin enclosures and more.

Steel Powder Coated Safety Rails

We offer steel safety rails designed, manufactured and installed for any application. All rails are designed and installed to meet all relevant safety guidelines and legislation. All our rails are made from premium quality steel and powder coated to stand the test of time.

Hoist Lifting Systems

Our hoist lifting systems are designed to transport heavy items onto a rooftop for maintenance or installation. Purpose built to all applicable standards and safety guidelines, they make lifting heavy loads to heights a breeze.

Portable Ladders

We supply a huge range of portable ladders designed to provide safe access for any application. We also provide fixed ladders including caged ladders, fold-down ladders, angled ladders, roof access hatch and a range of roof access systems.

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