Solar Access Systems

When it comes to finding top-quality solar access systems suited to any given application, customers know that Safety Plus Australia is the name to trust.

Our technical sales team can design a safe access solution which shall provide safe access to the roof area containing the solar panels and safe access to enable future servicing and maintenance of the entire system. All products offered in our solar access systems range shall comply to Australian Standard AS1657-2018, ensuring our customers can enjoy the confidence of investing in a durable and well-manufactured piece of equipment that will always get the job done. Our solar access systems are designed specifically for those working on solar panels, meaning they are developed to perfectly balance both safety and functionality on the work site.

We have been in business for over 30 years, and in that time we have helped countless customers to find the very best available solar height safety equipment to allow for more straightforward and less risky installation or maintenance work to be performed.

For additional information about our solar access systems, please contact our expert team today.

The Experts in Solar Fall Protection Equipment

Solar installation and repair work comes with a range of inherent risks and safety issues, mostly due to the height at which the work is performed.

But at Safety Plus Australia we supply customers with leading solar fall protection equipment, allowing them to work freely and with greater confidence even at great heights. Our team can guide customers through our in-demand range of solar height safety products and help them find the right piece of equipment to suit their needs or the demands of any job.

To learn more about the advantages of our solar fall protection equipment, or to speak with a member of the Safety Plus Australia team, customers can by email or call 1300 713 566.

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