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Working At Heights Course

Course Description:

Safety Plus Australia delivers the nationally accredited unit RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights under the Parcor Safety Training and Consulting RTO Code 7076.

This interactive course covers working safely at heights in resources and infrastructure industries.

This course applies to persons who are required to work safely at heights. It includes: Identifying the work requirements, work procedures and instructions for the task; accessing and installing equipment, performing work at heights; and cleaning up the work area.

2018 Working at Heights Course Dates:
  • 18th April
  • 27th June
  • 29 August
  • 31st October
Unit of Competency:
RIIWHS204D Work safely at Heights
Entry Requirements:
Age of 18 years or over. The ability to;
  • read, understand and complete workplace documentation
  • explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues
  • understand regulatory requirements
  • perform numeracy tasks to the level of calculating fall distances and safe working loads
  • climb ladders and/or other structures
  • wear harnesses and/or other PPE as required by the site
  • perform manual handling tasks and strenuous activities

Participants who suffer from vertigo may find it difficult to partake in Work Safely at Heights’ practical activities and fulfil the requirements of the course. If all requirements cannot be achieved, a certificate of attendance may be issued in place of a Statement of Attainment.

Course Content:
  • Legislation, Regulation and Australian Standards
  • Falls from Heights Incidents
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Suspension trauma, who it affects and how to prevent it
  • Correct selection and use of PPE
  • Anchor points and safety ratings
  • Fitting and inspection of full body harnesses
  • Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Knot tying
  • Ladder safety
  • Initial rescue from heights
  • Appropriate height safety work permits
  • Other height safety equipment and may also include a practical demonstration if available on site

Assessment of knowledge will be conducted by use of a workbook and verbal questioning. Participants will also be required to demonstrate competence through a range of practical activities.

Delivery Method:

Face to Face training will be conducted over a period of 8 hours including both theory and practical components. Training can be conducted both on or offsite site provided a training room and working at heights environment (or working at heights environment) are available for use.

Group Size & Cost:
To ensure quality training and a safe learning environment, the maximum allowable group size is 12 participants.
Per Person Costs $250.00 + 10% GST
On-site Group Bookings.
Day/course for Melbourne Metro, Geelong and Ballarat $1,675.00 + 10% GST Day/course for all other areas of Victoria $1,975.00 +10% GST The maximum number of students shall not exceed 12
Participant Responsibilities:

Participants are required to be on time for all courses and bring a form of identification such as drivers licence or Medicare card for verification of details listed on the course enrolment form.

Due to the practical nature of this course, participants will be required to wear suitable attire such as long pants and work boots. Where appropriate other PPE such as High Visibility clothing, safety glasses and hard hats are to be worn
What information will you require?
Due to the assessment requirements of the unit of competency, we will need to be provided with the following information prior to training commencement;
  • Type of structures where workers are exposed to a fall
  • Working at Heights Procedures
  • Working at Heights Permit (if required)
What will your organisation receive?
  • Statement of Attainment issued to individual participants who successfully complete the requirements of the unit of competency
  • Certificate of Compliance for your Health and Safety Office compliance file
RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights
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