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Static Lines

Safety Plus Australia offers static line systems that can be applied to a wide range of structures and applications. All systems provide continuous attachment and effective fall protection when travelling across roof surfaces and other areas where safe access is required. We can design and install a system to suit various applications such as timber trusses, steel purlins, chemset concrete mount and surface mount for metal roof profiles for both fall arrest and abseiling applications.

All Safety Plus Australia supplied static lines have been manufactured to comply with AS 5532 and installed to the AS 1891. Our skilled team is highly competent, trained and accredited to install and deliver a service which provides peace of mind to building owners and future users of fall arrest systems.

Safety Plus Australia can provide a solution to meet your fall arrest requirements. For additional information about any fall arrest system application, contact our expert technical team by emailing us at or calling us on 1300 713 566.

Static Line System

Safety Plus Australia is a reliable Australian provider for a static line system. Proud to offer these quality static lines for fall protection, these horizontal lines can be linked to abseiling hooks for the safe traversal of roofs.

Static Lines Fall Protection

We also individually tag every static line after visually/mechanically inspecting that it meets Australian standard for static lines fall protection.

This allows us to safely and effectively complete the recertification process of static line systems as per Australian legal requirements, which state that the cable of a static line needs to be re-tensioned every 12 months in Victoria, and 6 months in other states & territories.

Whether you’re looking for static line systems, roof walkway systems, roof access ladders, roof anchor points, roof handrail systems, roof access systems, roof access hatch, roof platforms,  flatpack products or more, turn to the Safety Plus catalogue for true safety and functionality.

If you want to find out more about a Safety Plus Australia static line system, contact our team by calling us at (03) 9879 5230 or emailing us at

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