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Safety Anchor Points for Roofs

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Anchor points attached to the roof makes working at height safer as contractor can connect themselves to the anchor point to avoid accidental falls.

Roof safety anchor points are designed to provide safe access to fall-risk areas such as roof edges. These products allow safe and easy maintenance of roof-mounted equipment. At Safety Plus Australia, we offer top quality roof anchors and anchor points, which are designed to meet all the compliance and safety needs of your premises. Able to be safely installed in both indoor and outdoor environments our selection of roof safety anchors can help keep workers safe if a fall does occur.

Qualified and Certified Height Safety Specialists

Apart from offering quality anchor points, we also have highly qualified and certified specialists who can assist you. Our efficient anchor point team has mastered the technique of installing roof anchor points. Designed to increase the safety, our roof anchors can be installed into a variety of different materials, providing secure and reliable point to attach additional fall protection equipment.

Anchor Devices

Anchor Devices, also referred to as Anchor Points, are a compliant means to access the fall edge of a work area. Designed and installed by a height safety industry trained installer, an anchor point system is a means to provide full roof coverage whilst not having the preferred, but aesthetically imposing, handrail to the perimeter of the work area.

Fall Protection Systems - Anchor Points

Anchor Points are just one type of Fall Protection when accessing areas on a roof. Anchor points are installed at safe intervals to provide extra fall protection. To learn more about our superior range of safety anchors made for installation on roofs and roofing structures call our attentive and knowledgeable team today on 03 9879 5230.