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What is quality

Quality refers to all those features of a product or service that are required by our clients. Quality is what Safety Plus Australia does to:

What is ISO?

The ISO 9000 standards are a family of international quality standards that are set by the International Organisation for Standardisation. These standards have earned a global reputation as a basis for establishing effective quality management systems. ISO 9001 is a generic standard. This means that the same standard can be applied:

What are the benefits in dealing with a company that is ISO 9001 accredited?

Safety Plus Australia are fully ISO9001 Certified in Quality Management.

Safety Plus Australia is also AS/NZS4801 certified (Occupational Health and Safety).
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If you or your organisation requires any additional information on the benefits of dealing with a company that is accredited in ISO 9001 & AS/AZS 4801 please do not hesitate to contact our sales office on 03 9879 5230.