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Walkway Systems - Flat Roof Walkways

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Image of flat roof walkways and handrails installed by Safety Plus Australia pty ltd.

Walkway Systems - Flat Roof Walkways

Walkway Systems can provide safe access to all types of Flat Roofs. They provide roof and fall protection for your staff and contractors. Safety Plus Australia can design and fit to your flat roof requirements.

Roof Access Walkway is a key component to any height safety system. Whilst not providing any form of fall protection, it does provide sure footing and a distinct path of travel for the user, whilst providing protection to roof sheet material from damaging foot traffic.

Walkway comes in two main types. Aluminium and Fibre.

Aluminum is a stronger alternative and widely regarded as the more superior product. Aluminum walkway will also be found on plant deck due to its increased strength.

Fibre walkway can be a lighter alternative for applications such as a membrane roof or mezzanine levels.

It is essential that walkway be installed as per manufacturers specifications as this will provide the most effective use. Aluminum walkway must be installed on a baton to raise it from the roof material to prevent galvanic corrosion caused by two different metals in contact with each other (ie Aluminum and Zinc) On a pitched roof, a pitch baton must be used to level the walkway. Australian Standards should be referred to ensure when fall protection must be used in conjunction with the pitched walkway.