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Branach Ladders come in yellow fibreglass so they are light to carry, strong when climbing and safer than other ladders on the market. Branach make products to last, not only are they the safest ladders and platforms on the market but they are repairable too, so their longevity outlasts their competitors. They are built with a full fibreglass box-rail, so when climbing up and down they remain rigid. The rungs are glued into the side wall, giving superior strength which is a definite bonus for those climbing at heights.

Safety Plus Australia is proud to be a key supplier of Branach Ladders.
lightweight and strong branach ladder.

PowerMaster Extension Ladders (FED)

  • Safety yellow fibreglass
  • User friendly - Effortless extension and retraction
  • Super strong, durable box rails
  • High electrical resistance
  • Lightest weight for equivalent load rating
  • Dramatic reduction in sway and twist
  • Weather resistant - No water absorption
  • Low maintenance
  • Patented Branach latch
  • Swivel feet with urethane studs and gravel spikes
  • Spring rope retraction
  • Non-slip "D" profile rungs
branach patented latch and a conventional latch on these safety ladders.
Extension ladders that use a latch to lock the fly section to the base have been around forever. As part of their policy of continual innovation and improvement however, the engineering team at Branach believe that even successful formulas can be improved on - and that their customers deserve choices. To that end, in addition to their conventional latch, Branach have developed a patented alternative that has some unique properties.

Branach Patented Latch

  • Situated at the top of the ladder
  • Plastic coated PPA
  • Single hand operation
  • Standard on PowerMaster model
  • Side-pull rope (no trip hazard)
  • The latch protects the rungs

Conventional Latch

  • Situated at bottom of ladder
  • Double hand operation
  • Standard on TradeMaster model
  • Centre pull rope
Branach 450mm Step Platform Ladder
branach ladder | branach step ladder 450mm.

Branach 450mm Step Platform (FPL)

  • Electrically safe
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Single action set-up
  • Comfortable non-restrictive platform
  • Complies with Australian Standard

Standard Fittings:

  • Fibreglass stiles
  • Aluminium Rungs, treads and fittings
  • Non-slip hinged aluminium platform
  • Non-scuff rubber feet
  • Comfortable non-restrictive platform
  • Waist high fixed safety rail 900mm above platform
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Proudly Australian Made, Australian Owned

Safety Plus Australia is a supplier of the high quality, light weight Branach Ladders.