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Working Safely At Heights (RIIWHS204D)

This nationally recognised training course is interactive and
identifies the requirements needed to undertake safe work
practices when working at heights or depths.    Learn more

Safety walkways and handrails on all roof types (flat, pitched, curved etc)

Different handrail applications including handrails on large water and fire tanks

Different ladder solutions to suit all types of roofs, buildings and other safety situations

We can install stair systems to safely gain access to roofs and height platforms

Many different types of fall protection products from rooftop anchor points to abseil systems

Safety access to cooling towers and over dangerous exposed internal or external pipes

Roof Access Hatches provide safe access to your roof through a ladder and hatch system

Temporary or permanent walkway in tight spaces within ceiling cavaties

Safety platforms and bridges to make equipment maintenance safer and easier

Tech-Media Creations